Meet the TANLA Board of Directors


These are the Board of Directors for the 2017-18 year.

President Clay Walker


Clay is an American Government and Economics teacher at La Mirada High School. In his 25 years of service to our district he has taught at La Mirada High School and El Camino High School. Clay and his wife Karen have two sons and one daughter. Karen is a former educator and current Marriage and Family Therapist. Their daughter is an Elementary School Teacher. One son is active military while the other is married and pursuing higher education post military. During their spare time, Clay and Karen enjoy traveling, trips to the beach, and social outings with family and friends.

1st Vice President Maureen Quiros


Maureen is a 1st grade teacher at Sanchez Elementary School. She has been a teacher in NLMUSD for 25 years. All 25 years have been spent at Sanchez Elementary School teaching 1st grade, Kindergarten, and also as a resource teacher. She has been involved with TANLA for the last 18 years. Maureen was born in Costa Rica. She goes back to visit often. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and scrapbooking.

2nd Vice President Tracey Ayer


Tracey is a Physical Education teacher at Los Coyotes Middle School. She has served our district for 25 years. Tracey taught at the opening of Corvallis Middle School in 1993-94. Tracey loves her family, dogs, fishing, Snoopy, and the Miami Dolphins.

Treasurer Denise Daguimol


Denise currently teaches 1st grade at Nuffer Elementary School. She has served our district for the last 22 years teaching grades K, 1, 3, and 5. Prior to teaching in NLMUSD she worked as an instructional aide and an adult school teacher in Los Angeles. Denise is married to another teacher in our district. She has two wonderful children. Her family loves trying new restaurants and watching sporting events. Denise also enjoys scrapbooking and reading.

Secretary Deborah Henderson


Deborah worked at Waite MS for 25 years and currently teaches at Eastwood Elementary School. Deborah is a past WHO Award Recipient for TANLA.

Elementary Director Susan Nielsen


Susan has been teaching at Ramona Preschool/Headstart since 1992. She just celebrated 12 years of wedded bliss with her amazing husband, Abraham, and is blessed to be a Stepmom to Andrea, Susana and Abraham.

Elementary Director Amanda Cobian


Amanda has been teaching for 12 years in Elementary Special Education including a K-2 SDC program for 4 years. Amanda is married with 2 children who attend school in our district. I love cooking and traveling. Finally, I attended Escalona Elementary, Hutchinson MS and graduated from La Mirada High School.

Elementary Director Robyn Morgan


Robyn has been teaching for 19 years at Lampton Elementary School, including 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grades. She attended Glazier Elementary (K-7) and graduated from Norwalk High School in 1991. Robyn is married with 3 boys and 1 girl (ages 24,16,8 and 5), all of whom attend schools in Norwalk.

Elementary Director Melissa Smith


Melissa has worked for the district for 21 years. She currently teaches 3rd grade at Foster Rd. Elementary. She also taught elementary at Orange Unified. Melissa is an avid runner, has 3 cats and enjoys going to the La Mirada Performing Arts Theatre.

Middle School Director Dimitri Elbling


Dimitri teaches at Corvallis Middle School. He has taught in our district for 17 years. Dimitri is currently a School Board Member at East Whittier City School District .

Middle School Director - Open Position


High School Director Tom Taylor


Tom is currently a Resource Specialist teacher at La Mirada High School.

High School Director Mary Lubliner


Mary currently teaches Spanish at Norwalk High School. In her 25+ years of service to our district, Mary has filled many roles. At the elementary level Mary taught all grades K-5, including the ESL and bilingual programs. She also worked at the district office as a Bilingual Resource teacher. Mary even has taught adult school and preschool. Mary and her husband, also a teacher, live in Fullerton. She has 3 grown children, all college graduates. Mary enjoys going to musical concerts, traveling and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Ex-Officio Director Gerri Gandolfo


Gerri is a counselor at La Mirada High School. In his 30+ years in our district he has taught 8th grade history at both John Glenn High School and Waite Middle School. In addition to being an Intervention Counselor at LMHS, he also was a counselor at JGHS and NHS. Gerri served 5 years as TANLA President before returning to JGHS as an At Risk Counselor. He currently serves on the NEA's Board of Directors. He has had 31onderful years with his husband, Jody.